Trading Techniques Forbidden By Forex Brokers

The following are trading techniques that are prohibited by forex brokers

1. Hacking / Cracking techniques

This technique does not obey the rules. Because hacking is the same as stealing. Where hacking is usually done by traders by hacking broker servers using software or applications that can benefit the trader and harm the broker. This hacking technique can only work on the local Metatrader platform and can also go directly to the broker's server.

2. DDOS Server trading technique

Attacking the broker's trading server using a script or program is also strictly prohibited. There are many reasons why traders attack the trading server. It could be that a trader wants to keep the trading server busy due to a large number of orders in a short period of time.

The effect is quite bad, as there was a DDoS attack on the Exness broker server

3. Doing the Trading Balance technique

This is a technique that is widely used by traders to earn profits without the need to do analysis. This technique takes advantage of bonuses from brokers. Where traders open 2 accounts at the same broker, then open orders at the same time and let one account be the MC. Then the bonus will move to the other account into a balance so that it can be withdrawn (withdraw funds). Sounds very interesting but this is absolutely not allowed.

4. Arbitrage between forex brokers

Arbitrage is a technique used by traders to find the price difference between brokers. Like making buying and selling transactions simultaneously at different brokers. Then look for the price difference between the two brokers to make a profit.

5. Placing excessive Pending Orders.

Excessive pending orders can make the broker's server down. For example, placing a large number of pending orders even though the pending orders are not used and even replaced by changing the price. This is strictly not permitted by the broker. Because it can make the broker's server heavy by excessive pending orders.

Those are the 5 types of trading techniques that are prohibited by brokers that I can explain. More or less that's what is commonly done and violated by traders. The things above can be done by traders who have often lost and do not have a reasonable trading strategy. Always learning and fair trading is very necessary if you want to live this trading business continuously. Because this business has been running for decades. 

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