Trading Logic or Trading Signals?

Did you know that in forex, trading logic is more important than trading signals?

Trading is a trading transaction that is involved with risk. If some people don't know what forex risk is and trade without knowing how big the risk is, it's very dangerous.

Trading logic is more important than trading signals.

Forex signals may be able to provide a one-time win, but if you understand the logic, you can find more opportunities that are of good quality and can earn consistent profits.

The results of a trading transaction can provide a profit or loss.

Understanding the profit / loss ratio and trading accuracy is not very important because people usually feel frustrated when they see a losing trade and become overconfident when they see a profitable trade.

Big Profit, Small Profit, Break Even, Small Loss, Big Loss which is the best… ?

It is wiser to burn a trading position when it is still a small loss before market movements burn the entire trading account and keep in mind that in trading, we are in a potential market turmoil.

The habit of traders who hold profits feels like they are in heaven, traders who hold losses feel they are in hell. There is no signal that can tell you to stay calm and not panic.

A good mentor is to immediately end a restless position to seize the next winning opportunity.

Learn trading logic and trading planning from the ideas of professionals. You can also make trading automated without being complicated!

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