Simple Forex Strategy with Z6P Teknik Technique

This technique is called the Z6P technique, which is a technique using the ZIGZAG indicator setting period (6,5,3)

For traders, android users can use the zigzag indicator in the traderinterceptor application.

Furthermore, the zigzag indicator is combined with the standard setting Parabolic SAR indicator. (Also read Technical Analysis Using Parabolic SAR)

Here are the z6P technical rules:

The rule of this technique is very simple. Because the z6P technique still uses the breakout concept. For daytrade we use TF m30

1. Find the trendline that is formed from the indi zigzag6 then draw the line.

It should be noted that not all trend lines can be setup, they need to be trained every day to be able to distinguish them with the help of a personal trading journal.

2. When the trendline breaks, wait until the Parabolic SAR appears above or below the candle

For OP buy Parabolic SAR below the candle and to sell Parabolic SAR above the candle.

3. If the rules above have been met, please OP.

Basically the OP sequence is Zigzag then Parabolic SAR then OP.

For more details, understand the picture and good luck!

How to test Money Management on Forex?

How to test the Money Management that we have compiled has really been tested and has been matched with our forex trading psychology.

It's quite simple, ask our friend to point to a pair and we ask him to decide whether to buy or sell it's up to him, but ask him to point out inconsequential and what he thinks is deliberately misleading.

If for example he points to BUY then follow his will to BUY forever until it is proven that the buy will still profit in the end, even though the price moves in the opposite direction to thousands of pips for example, but that's impossible!

Because even 5000 pips is misdirected, there will be a correction to take profit. Because you have determined the lot size, risk and trading method that has been measured.

That is one of the arts of making Money Management while still paying attention to the desired resilience and the strategy to be used.

The MM includes the lot size used, a clear stoploss/cutloss distance as a risk trading tolerance if the analysis is wrong, a clear take profit/cut profit distance when the market moves according to the analysis.

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