LOT is a means to trade in FOREX TRADING.

The definition of LOT is how much you have goods and how much you need goods. If you take a SELL TRANSACTION in trading, it means that you offer the world the goods you have as much as you offer, if you take a BUY TRANSACTION it means that you are in need or ask for the item.

Something that is right in playing LOT is from your character in the trading world and is good at seeing market conditions.

Lots in forex trading

The right way to use LOT TRADING FOREX:

1. When the market is busy asking/offering goods, then it would be better if you use a BIG LOT if the market is quiet, it's better not to transact (happens when the big one) use TF M5 then you will get BIG PROFIT

2. When the situation is stable, use enough lots according to the strength of your balance, what you will achieve is consistent profit. Use TF H1 and H4

3. Good at seeing big OPPORTUNITIES with TRENDS that occur to take big profits with BIG LOT but don't linger for long because your balance will run out

LOT used according to balance:

- Capital $1000 use 1 lot with the above conditions (Scalping and Short Distance) if for middle and long use 0.1lot

Remember only 1 currency if using BIG LOT

- Capital $100 use 0.25 for big profit if for middle and long use 0.02 lot. Short Distance use 0.1lot.

Special note :

1. Already know the Fibonacci prices, trends, balance capabilities, bullish and bearish prices, the key to the movement of the dollar and the US joint stock and the second key to trading currency pairs.

2. Give up if you come to MC

3. Focus, Calm and Patience

4. Before doing it, you must know when there is big news but previously it was known from special notes 1.

5. Control your emotions

Hope this is useful.

Greetings Success and Happiness

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