Jesse Livermore (one of the world's greatest speculators). Keep me safe from MC Forex storm

When is Hurricane MC? Yes, since 2011 junior high, there have always been MC storms, there's been a little bit of news to discuss about MC etc., there have been market crashes (CHF or Brexit) with lots of MCs, and there are many more cases of MC, even in the market, even if there are MCs. Why is that so?

"Because healthy MM is a rare thing in this country".

Brokers are competing to make promotions for Depsoit 100 lot 1 later, you can get prizes, blah blah blah, I was kidnapped in a broker group too with 13K members, the leader confidently OP lot 2 with a balance of only hundreds with the tagline "as long as the MC hasn't posted, secure the profit" , and others ... whose essence is simple, namely "customers open as many lots as possible, use excessive leverage, MC is a personal risk but rebate is a definite profit for the IB".

Sometimes brokers who are "small" like to give really big rebates because the market doesn't throw TRX, so the position is collected by themselves, the majority will definitely be minus with the MM pattern as above and the money goes to the dealer, if someone is smart and wins consistently, they are usually cheated unfairly. server stability. This is a classic thing... Because playing at a broker who is clearly naughty.

Naughty brokers are reflected in the number of bonuses, fixed spreads, and excessive rebates....Plus the uneducated behavior of the marketing (entry lot, gaban etc.), I once challenged "you and I both sell cars and I trade using my way, trading there use the thick method there." And answered "don't dare, kill yourself" while grinning...Is that the name of a role model who posts here and there every day?

Whatever they do, I don't really care, I only care about people with healthy transactions. And I'm always happy to be at the table with those people.

The broker has behaved like it has always been, Livermore is one of the many smart traders I follow. While many people are confused about why the money has disappeared, livermore already knows the tricks of the previous broker. He knows the dangers of fire, even when others are still wondering why there is smoke.

He says in his book how to trade stocks.

"Brokerage itself is a business, they can only profit when there is a transaction, but I only want healthy transactions. Many people are stimulated by excessive transactions with excessive use of leverage, they use 1001 ways to seduce with various lures, which in essence they just want to move your money into your pocket. they quickly. They touch your greedy side until you lose your mind. Sometimes they invite you to eat, praise you but while stabbing you slowly, they are just a group of wolves looking for prey " Guess that's what he said..

No trader gets rich from rebates! None (except IB, hehehe).

I have followed Jesse's philosophy and tested it since 2011, and it is 100% correct. All traders are LOT oriented. Lost somewhere...

This should be an expensive lesson for all of us, that the market is a good master for MM guards and the market is a cruel master for gamblers.

Don't ever play with MM friends... you guys are great candidates, just need to be polished properly. Don't let MM mess up and fall into the trap of those who are after your money..Remember how many heads of families were destroyed, families were divorced, their happy children were disturbed just because their FATHER was addicted to shooting LOT. And don't give up on MC's just chasing big profits for a moment whose ratio is very small..

I hope, if all Indo MM traders are healthy, I guarantee that there are almost no MCs, and I guarantee that life will be better... And besides we can live with our own money, at least we can also set aside a little income to be their foster parents. ..

Livermore only wants healthy transactions, so do I. When people offer weird programs, I think to hell with family's future is more important!

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