How to Play Forex Demo Account on Android Free and Easy

How to Play Forex Demo Account on Android - Currently forex is a business that many people are engaged in, not only by so-called experts, playing forex also attracts the interest of all people.

However, to become a forex trader is certainly not easy because you have to practice a lot and keep learning. One of them can be by using a demo account that can be used on Android and PC. Nowadays smartphone users are mushrooming, both young and old. So, there is no longer any reason not to want to learn.

How to Play Forex Demo Account on Android Free and Easy

How to Play Forex Demo Account on Android Free and Easy




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For those who want to learn forex from a demo account, there is no need to worry because the method is very easy. No need to register or register on a particular site. With a few easy steps you can already create an account and start trading.

Here's how to play forex using a demo account on Android.

Download the Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5 application on the Play Store. For those who are really beginners, we recommend using Meta Trader 4.

Open the Meta Trader app, then log in or create an account. Select the demo account provided by the app. If you are already registered with a broker, you can use a demo account based on the brokerage company.

Then select Laverage. I recommend choosing 1:100 - 1:500, if you plan to play with minimal capital, you can choose a bigger comparison.

Then select the desired funds or capital. Choose the smallest capital only or according to the capital provided for real trading.


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The most important thing about a demo account is only leverage and capital. It's best to adjust it according to your plan.

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How to play forex demo on Android is very easy, just install the application and create a demo account. Then you can start practicing and learning to play forex.

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