How are Forex Indicators and Forex Market Movers related

It's sad that many are selling forex indicators and robots from cheap to expensive... they claim the indicators don't repaint, they don't miss or the accuracy is 90% ++

Alright, let's just discuss a little about the relationship between forex indicators and forex market movers what it really is.

Previously, we introduced the following terms.

The market ruler (PP) is a determinant of where the direction of price movements is not an indicator.

This must be recorded and kept in mind.

The term PP is the same as CB (candle bank) or BP (big player) or price driven.

This is the reason why profitable and consistent trading can only be done by following the will of the market rulers.

Because the direction is clear where to go, and by trading in accordance with the direction of their will, God willing, they will definitely profit.

- PP BUY = Deal Price to Buy

It means that when the price has reached that point area, the market authorities agree to BUY

- PP sell = Deal price for Sell

It means that when the price has reached that point area, the market rulers agree to sell

Forex move indicator

Overview : EURUSD

If an indicator has shown overbought (price predictions are at the peak) but in the market no one sells at all, coincidentally the price also doesn't go down, so what happens is the indicator wrong or right?

Remember... what factors influence market price movements?

That is, from a psychological point of view, related parties hope that by holding prices moving in a certain area, they hope that they will be able to influence market participants.

So they open positions or OPs in accordance with the wishes of the trader as a result of the analysis of the indicator.

But it's a shame...the market players who cheated are only us small traders.

As for banks? Big investors equal to banks? They are not deceived.

We have never experienced anything like this.

“Wow, it looks like... the dollar is said to be weakening and a lot of analysis and expensive indexes also show a downward direction. Take sell ah..."

But not long after that, the price of flying high forgot to drop...

Widiew...what is this...the indicator is not is the analysis...

#$%&*£€÷¥₩... ???

Then can we underestimate the indicators? NO..!!!

More illustrations:

There is the city of Surabaya and the city of Jakarta.

We are in the middle of the two cities, for example in Jogja and want to go to Jakarta by public bus, so we stand on the side of the road looking for a bus.

Not long after, a bus passed by, and we stopped it, how would we know if it was going to Jakarta?

Because there is a clue factor, for example, the bus is facing the city of Jakarta. Isn't it possible that he also wants to go back to the city of Surabaya?

But there's nothing wrong if the bus goes to the city of Surabaya.

It could be that he wants to pick up passengers first to the city of Cilacap, then just turn back to the city of Surabaya.

Can it be like that too?

So the essence of an analysis with forex indicators is that we don't doubt it.

Analysis is like the face of a bus, we know where the bus is going because we see its face.

So if our analysis of the bus wanted to go to Jakarta, we would go with it.

However, if in the middle of the trip, it turns out that he only picks up passengers in Cilacap and wants to return to Surabaya, whether we like it or not, we have to get off because we took the wrong bus.

Keep in mind this accumulation formula: ( Profit > loss = Profit )

Now we already know how the relationship between the strength of the indicator and how the concept of market movement analysis is.

Do not be trapped by sweet seductions that are not clear and tend to be misleading.

No matter how good an indicator is... no matter how expensive it is... will not be able to change the direction of the bus itself, because the bus moves not according to the indicator but according to the will of the driver. Where do you want the driver to go... how come this is a bus.

It means the market is controlled by the market rulers and hopefully we can be the driver...!!

Greetings SAM FX Future

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