Forex Trading Plans Again in 2021

Forex trading 2021 - Forex is an attraction in itself, even more so than stocks. So it is not wrong if many people want to learn to start trading forex. From 2021 to March 2021 I was indeed active in the world of online forex trading, but various activities made me stop. And, now plans to trade forex again in September.

My reason is simple, after a few months of not trading I decided to go back to trading with a demo account while waiting for the Rupiah to strengthen. Even though I can't wait, the deposit problem must be taken into account. With the weakening of the Rupiah, the funds that will be deposited at the broker will be large. You know, I'm just a small trader. But, for friends who want to start trading in the near future, I hope you also have the same thoughts. There is nothing wrong with using a demo account, because it is highly recommended for beginners in the forex world.

I really don't want to rush into trading and don't want to repeat the small mistakes that I used to often do. Through a demo account in the next few days I want to learn a lot and relearn the strategies that I used to often use. Today is quite good, I can still profit. It seems that the old strategy is still effective enough to make a profit.

Forex Trading Profits in 2021

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The picture above shows the profit I got today. In the future I will only target profit of 10 to 50 dollars per day as long as it is consistent. Starting forex trading does not need to imagine a doubled profit in order to get rich quick. Just take it slow as long as it's consistent.

For friends who are interested, we can learn together through social media, group chats and others. Because until now and so on I will still be in the learning stage, because that is the forex world where the market is always changing. Want to enter this world start with a demo account, enter funds and Laverage according to your real money and don't assume you are playing a demo account, but a real account that trades real money too.

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