Forex Trading Is Easy But Not The Quick Way To Get Rich

Forex trading is actually a very easy and profitable business, but that doesn't mean a quick way to get rich.

Even though you already have a profitable trading strategy and system, it doesn't mean you can make as much profit as possible. Can not profit arbitrarily.

The amount of profit still depends on market movements. But we can adjust how likely (probability) the profit can be achieved.


That is a system / trading strategy that is profitable and proven (proven). That's all that matters most.

But out there, many opinions say PSYCHOLOGY is the main key to successful trading.

In my opinion, that's a BIG WRONG. Psychology is overrated right?

If the trading system is not profitable, you want to be patient no matter how good your psychology is.. It's still difficult to profit. The ending is a loss.

Precisely by having a profitable trading system, psychology will grow more mature, confident, patient, calm, and disciplined.

People who say: "my psychology is often messed up..." What actually happened was, the trading system was not clear. He himself was still confused and did not master the system well.

Many often "scapegoat" psychological factors as the cause of trading failure.

From now on, STOP blames psychological factors. What you should check, do you really understand and master your trading system?

If not, then fix it again. Understand again. Learn more. Focus again.


Just run with focus, consistency and discipline.

When all the planning and preparation has been done before entering the market, when it enters the market, let it be.

No need to think again, no need to change again. Everything is well planned, well prepared.

Therefore, profitable trading is usually boring. In fact, it must be boring. Why ? Because just run the system.

Trading systems that have been proven profitable do not need to be changed in the middle of the road.

Precisely if it is changed in the middle of the road, it means that the trader is still not sure and has doubts about the trading system.


Forex trading promises us all to be rich. The opportunities and opportunities are very wide open. But that does not mean QUICK RICH.

Just like business. All businesses open opportunities to become rich for the perpetrators. But that does not mean QUICK RICH.

After all, everyone's FAST size is different. BIG size of each person is also different.

Profit 5% / MONTH.

Profit 10% / MONTH.

Profit 50% / YEAR.

Profit 25% / YEAR.

Is that a big / small number in your opinion? I'm sure you must be confused too.

The definition of BIG AND FAST is very subjective. It's possible that we ourselves are also confused in determining the big and fast limit.

Easy forex stock trading is not a quick way to get rich. psychology is not the main factor for successful trading failure.

Please click the image above. This is a TRADING RESULT PORTFOLIO, one of the accounts we manage is almost 2 years old.

From September 2019 to June 2021. You can see profit on monthly and yearly basis.

So in my opinion, if you are able to profit more than deposit interest and are able to get it CONSISTENTLY. That's a good profit. It's that simple!

Trading is already complicated, don't make it more complicated hehehe .. Look for something simple, the important thing is to be able to profit consistently and grow in the long term.


To succeed, we must have a profitable trading system. If you don't have one, you can join us to learn and get a PROFITABLE trading system.

We are sure... after learning, you will say Trading is Easy. Those who say trading is difficult because they haven't found the right strategy.

They are still in the search phase. Try there try here. It takes time and is very tiring. Not a few give up, finally leaving forex trading.

So, Enjoy the journey to a successful and profitable trader. Success is not instant, but it can be accelerated if you find the right strategy.


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