Forex and Stocks Online, Which is Better?

Online Forex and Stocks, Which is Better - Talking about stocks and forex always carries the impression of an elite. How not, playing stocks for example. This business is considered a high-end business even though students can play and own shares in large companies. Maybe in the past, playing stocks was only for the upper class. But times have changed, the government has also changed the rules where we used to know that 1 lot is equal to 500 shares. Now 1 lot is only 100 pieces.

This is inseparable from the role of the government in supporting the lower class to participate in investing in the stock market. With 100 shares per lot, small communities, students and college students can invest in stocks.

In addition to stocks, forex is not an upper class business anymore. Even with a capital of IDR 100,000 we can already participate in currency trading. Both of these businesses can also be run online, no need to bother contacting or directly visiting a broker to be able to participate in stock and forex trading.

Forex and Stocks Online, Which is Better

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For those who want to get into this business, they must have a question which is better between forex and online stocks.

Which one is better actually depends on each trader. However, personally I prefer forex if trading per day or trading. For reasons of profit, I prefer forex even though I know stocks first.

Forex is more profitable and trades can be run 24 hours Monday to Friday. While shares can only be done from 10 am to 4 pm on the same day.

Stock movements are lower as well as earnings. In addition, opening an investor account at a stock broker is more difficult than opening an account at a forex broker. For those who have experienced both, they already know which is better, but according to each player it is based on personal judgment.

For me forex is still the best, playing forex does not require large capital, there are even brokers who offer a minimum deposit of $1 to be able to play forex with a leverage of 1:3000. Meanwhile, to play stocks, the minimum deposit is 5 million, depending on the broker.

What do you think, online stocks or online forex?

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