Be careful using trading robots, here's how to choose the right one

Currently, the offer of trading robots is getting more and more crowded and in the interest of many people. Mostly in forex trading instruments. There are also some in crypto.

Some brands that are very much talked about are net89 pt SMI smartbox, atg autotrade, dna pro, ea50, royal q, classvip, evotrade, viralblast, fahrenheit and many more.

Using trading robots is very tempting because everything runs automatically, without human intervention and can still generate profits.

Feels TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. The slogan Sit, Shut Up, Get, Money is often promoted.

Not a few consider robots like tuyul or Aladdin lamp that can bring money into the account.

Because it is too beautiful and tempting, it is very vulnerable to being used as a ponzi/money game scheme.

Both get profit, both passively sit still. Very similar.

Therefore, we must be able to distinguish, which are REAL robots and which are FAKE robots.

Here I provide a guide and a way to distinguish a Real or Fake robot.


The correct and REAL robots must be able to be used in various brokers, whether domestic or foreign.

Fake robots can usually only be used at one broker, so it should be suspected that there is a conspiracy between the broker and the robot maker.

Trading results can be manipulated. Want to profit a percentage per day. Then set which transactions are profitable, and which are losses.

All can be arranged and configured. This is very dangerous.

So choose a robot that can be used in various different brokers.

It doesn't have to be a lot, just 3-5 brokers are enough. And even better if the brokers are in the Grade A category.

So that the profit generated by the robot is more fair, real and can be accounted for


Robot is an automated trading strategy. So before using a robot, we need to know how the strategy is implanted into the robot.

When to enter, when to exit, how many lots, where is the profit target, where is the risk limit, and other detailed planning.

Sometimes the makers and owners of robots do not want to open their strategies for reasons, fear of being copied and imitated.

There is some truth to this reasoning, but I don't agree.

I prefer to choose a robot whose strategy is open and studied so that investors also understand how to manage risk.

Even the strategy can be modified according to the user's risk profile.

So there is no need to deify the robot. What is important is HOW Strategy and Planning Management are implanted into the robot.

Robots only work according to pre-arranged Plans and scenarios.

For those of you who want to learn manual trading while using a robot, please contact the WA number below. We will be ready to help.

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