Advice for those of you who have failed and lost in trading

Failure is normal. Failure is part of success. Failure is part of the journey and growth process.

But we must have STRONG REASONS why we persist and don't give up quickly when we fail.

There are 2 very strong reasons why you should never stop trading forex. It's a shame to give up on this business. This is a very prospective and profitable business.


Are we trading or not

We profit or loss

We laugh or cry

We walk or stop.

FOREX MARKET DOESN'T CARE. He will continue to exist, keep moving UP AND DOWN 24 hours 5 days a week non-stop.

Opportunity is always there in every move. Too bad if we stop, lament failure or even hate forex.

Be friendly with forex trading. Have a will to learn. Believe that difficulties in forex have a solution, there is a pattern, there is a cycle, there is knowledge, there is a way.

It's just that you have not found that way. Everything is LEARNABLE. The market looks random but actually there is a cycle.


I say that not because of selling soy sauce. But the fact is that it is.

The market movement up and down has a profit opportunity. Forex is known as two way opportunities. Unlike stocks that only have one-way profit opportunities. If the market goes up.

Forex trading has great convenience and facilities. But if we are not careful, it will slip.

Not a few we hear stories of failures and losses in forex trading.

Failure in forex trading is traumatic. leaving deep scars and pain. It has to do with money.

Money is very emotional. Losing money is certainly very painful. However, there are important lessons to be learned from this failure.

This business is too easy, free and flexible. Behind the convenience, do not be careless. Stay relaxed, and be careful. Discipline with money management and not over trading.

Almost 90% of people who fail are caused by Overconfidence. Too excited, too big capital. Without careful planning and calculations. Then when you lose once, stop immediately.

The hallmark of failure is to STOP too soon. Usually accompanied by major injuries and trauma.

They leave trading with the pain of losing money and great confusion.

Many questions and doubts in their hearts are unanswered, they finally make their own conclusions. They vilify trading by saying,

Trading is gambling, haram, deceit.

The broker was a bookie and cheated me.

If small capital is given a profit, if large capital is immediately lost.

Forex is difficult, 90% of people lose and fail.

Forex is dangerous, high risk, makes sleeping difficult, heart pounding.

I am not matched in forex.

Those are the 2 reasons I have so I don't give up easily in this business. Forex trading is the business of the future and opportunities are always there. It's just a matter of our ability and readiness to face it.

For those of you who still fail, don't give up. Make sure your funds do not run out first. You can practice using a demo / virtual account until you are really good at using real money.

It's just that the weakness of using a demo account is that we tend not to take it seriously because it's not real money. Or you can use a real account but small funds first. Can use the cent account facility.

In essence, focus on improving skills, knowledge, experience and flight hours. Surely you will become a successful trader.


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